21 Mar



As I had already said before, I did not know much about makeup.I had a habit of using only one color of eye shadow. (very boring).

So I  was surfing the net (youtube actually) I found her. Tiffany D.
She is the person who inspired me to try to do my makeup better and with  more varieties of colors. I’ve always been passionate about makeup, barely knew about this world full of crazy things to help improve the look. With different brushes and methods of applications bla bla bla. I was mad for a while and fascinated by it all. So I’ve been buying everything I liked and my collection has grown a bit.

One of my favorite video of Tiffany D.

Take a look at her Youtube page. I know for certain that you will find at least one video that is your style.

Have fun!



Who never wore braided hair?

20 Mar

Who never wore braided hair?

A simple and very elegant hairstyle and youthful as well.
Several famous have already been spotted using the beautiful braid.
I personally love braids. Would use every day if I knew how to do.

I only know the very simple one.

Something like that.

Blake Lively looked mermaid-chic on the red carpet of this years Emmy Awards. This messy, yet polished look drew attention to her beautiful face and gave her a retro, yet up to date look.



Kristen Stewart Show up with this amazing sided braids .

Her hair color and makeup came together and the look turn out to be sensational.

Jennifer Aniston Beautiful as always rocked the hairstyle.
I love everything she does, she is a wonderful person. I love her.
Lauren Conrad,  in a very casual way looks so beautiful
(oh i love her too )


I would like to learn to make the French braids. It is a simple hairstyle and it works on any occasion depending on how you make them

Liv Taylor Looks great with a messy French braid.

I thing its a great and fun hair style for the summer , you cant go wrong with it.

With plenty ways to hear  you can create you on personal favorite look.

Have fun !!!

Easy tone.

10 Mar

Summer is coming and girls always wants to be more beautiful when you have to show a little more of your body , and with no time for workouts is not easy. So , what if someone creates a new trainers . New trainers is very good right?  And new trainers that help fight the force of gravity is even better right? It’s a hell of a PLUS!
So, Reebok decided to create an academy for our feet. Very smart on their part.
They created the Easy tone.

Easy Tone is a trainers (in several models with different styles and colors) that has a sole unlike other conventional trainers. The trainers have a sort of “spring” that helps make flexion in the butt , calves and thighs. Anyway, as you walk, it makes you work the muscles of these regions, but you will not notice or feel anything. It’s very different walk with them, but after a while you get used to and feels nice.

MIRACLE OF COURSE NOT okay, but at least it’s a help huh? The trainers are comfortable and the sole system give no sore feet! I can assure you here. Let’s see what the manufacturer says about the effectiveness of the product, or what he PROMISES:

They even compare to how to exercise, like a walk in the sand, for example!

The “Balancing Pods” were made ​​for you to have a sense of imbalance and instability even when walking – which will force you to seek this balance and thereby forcing the muscles a bit more. Crazy stuff huh? I thought the idea is  amazing. I believed in the adv very easily !


Now let’s see what’s  the hype created for the REEBOK Easy Tone. Uses are quite suggestive for  the trainers


Walk the Dog

Walking the “lulu” is also a good time to tone up!


Stay hours on the phone gossiping:

and puts the trainers to get from one side to the other of the room, gossiping with friends


Taking care of the plants in your garden?

Ok! That was terrible, but who knows huh? Some likes it and has a garden to care for, a kitchen                                                     garden, a balcony full of plants, uh, why not?! Squats and raises a lot of time with your Easy Tone.


Take the garbage to the recycling bin? Do your part in style:

Just don’t do  like the girl in the picture and go around the dumps of the buildings, wearing such clothes lol




Hope you all enjoyed the post !!!


Pony Tales

8 Mar

The simple ponytail is making a comeback in a big way


The ponytail is chic and gives a  enhancement to a  woman.



The pony tail hairstyle not only looks great on young people but it can be very elegant, classy, and chic on an older woman. If you saw the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2011/12 show, you can see that the pony tail can give off a very powerful, sophisticated, and seducing look – think dominatrix. I personally really loved this show and god, I wish I were there live to see.

Make Up

6 Mar

MAC cosmetics is one of my all time favorites.
Make up

I have always loved make up , but never used a particular brand.  Until the day I come across a YouTube  Guru TIFFANY D , who cant shut up about MAC ,  that i realize my lack in information and how much I new nothing about make up and  how to apply make up.

Her blog and her videos introduce me to MAC and I start to look in to it a bit more and fall in love with it. ( 2 years ago)

.                                                      .   MAC brushes  .                                                                              .


And the brushes …Oh the brushes … they are  just  so great.  They can be a bit price if you are new to make up and want to start a make up brush kit.   The alternative cheaper ones I recommende  is SIGMA  Brushes . They are as good as MAC  , but the difference you will feel in your pockte. I have both brands and In love with both.

.                              .Complete Kit with Brush Roll – Black.                                                            .They have a huge range on brush set that I’m sure you will want to have every single one of it. You can’t go wrong with those brushes.


First Post.

5 Mar

Hello everyone.

So after a long time deciding to do a blog , I finally come across a page that I think I’m going to like.

Here I will talk about things that i find interesting and things that I like the most. Related to everything I love.

so keep tuned for new updates .

Xoxo FP.  Continue reading